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How Your Long-Term Care Plan Can Protect You As You Age

Modern medicine means many of us are far outliving our ancestors. Suddenly, it is normal to live into your 80s or even 90s. The result is that more people need medical and other care support in more intense ways and for longer periods of time. A thoughtful estate plan includes a plan for how you age.

At the Law Office of Elizabeth Forgotson Goldberg, your health and well-being are my focus. My name is Elizabeth Forgotson Goldberg, and my career as an attorney is based on creating the legal underpinnings people need to age on their own terms. Families in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding Maryland area come to me for compassionate and effective legal services. For an appointment, call my office at 240-641-0956.

What To Know About Aging In Place And Nursing Facilities

If you choose to grow older in your own home, without entering a nursing facility, you need to be explicit in your instructions for your care and thorough about how you plan to live at home safely. A proper care plan will answer questions like:

  • Is your home physically set up for safe living if you have limited mobility?
  • Who will care for you?
  • How will you access medical care?
  • If you choose to enter a nursing home, which facilities work for your needs?
  • How will you pay for your medical needs?
  • What happens if you and your children disagree on your care needs?

By preparing for these circumstances well in advance, you get to control how you get older and what your life looks like.

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