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You Focus On Grieving. I Will Focus On The Law.

As your family mourns a departed loved one, there is a lot to do. As a leader in your family, you will be a support for your loved ones’ emotional needs, a go-to person for logistical questions and a leader in administering their estate. This is a lot of pressure, especially because you likely have very little experience with estate administration and probate. The good news is that you do not need to be an expert; you just need to know who to ask for help.

I am Elizabeth Forgotson Goldberg. I have been a go-to lawyer in Maryland estate planning for over 30 years. I am a certified elder law attorney, and I am here to guide you through the legal process of estate adminstration so that you can spend your time on what is important: your life and your family. Families and loved ones around Washington, D.C., can reach me at 240-641-0956.

Administering An Estate Is A Combination Of Processes

Even in the most meticulous of estate plans, there will be some things that require additional legal consideration, either because of an error in prior planning or as a byproduct of the legal system itself. As an attorney with a sole focus on this area of law, I support your estate administration journey. I use my extensive knowledge of the law, estate taxes and estate planning procedures to smooth the process for you.

Whether your estate administration needs stem from a family dispute, an unclear estate plan or an abundance of caution when it comes to the law, I am here to listen and guide you.

When The Day Comes, Call Me

I would be glad to talk to you about your options and how to effectively manage your legal needs. You can reach me online to schedule an appointment.